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Aug 27, 2021


Teachers of the faith especially, Bishops, Priests and Religious have been challenged to employ the use of the communications media, homilies, relevant literature, catechisms and other wholesome strategies, to rededicate themselves to intensified catechesis and the evangelization of our people.

This directive was given by the Catholic Bishops in their communiqué at the end of their second plenary meeting held in Enugu from Thursday, August 19 to Friday, August 27, 2021.

The Conference noted that regardless of challenges, all Christians are called to take part in the missionary "going forth" to encounter the men and women of our time where they are. “But for that to happen, it is incumbent on all Christians to make an unconditional option for Christ even in critical times such as the ones we are passing through today. Flight from God, the jettisoning or watering down of the Gospel values, resort to violence through revenge killings and reprisal attacks and a return to fetishism and idolatry in the face of difficulties can never constitute enduring solutions.”

According to the Bishops, all teachers of the faith have a duty to challenge the faithful to embrace the Gospel in its totality with an exemplary witness of life rooted in Christ as well as fidelity to Him in the living out of the temporal realities: the family, culture, professional commitment in the world of work, science and research, the exercise of social, economic and political responsibilities.

The Bishops emphasized the need for integral Catholic Education not just to prepare people for earthly life but also for salvation as well. “We call on Catholic educators to understand that the way a person chooses to exercise his or her knowledge is as important as having knowledge itself. Therefore, we encourage character development, instilling in all learners, ethical values that ultimately guide their decision-making process from their personal, everyday behaviour to their chosen career paths.”

They said moral conduct as dictated by Christian principles is to be built into the very fabric of school culture. “Following the example of Jesus Christ, students should be drawn to model Christian behaviour by respecting the dignity of each individual and be encouraged to express their faith in word, thought, and deed. Above all, Catholic education should focus on forming compassionate and just leaders who are prepared to rise up to and confront the complexities of the ever-changing Nigerian society. Young people who go to our schools should receive solid and quality academic foundations, spiritual fortitude, strong moral convictions, and the desire to be actively engaged in their communities.”

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