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Nov 13, 2020


Christians in Nigeria, irrespective of their denominations have been urged to love one another unconditionally, in order to create “a society that cares about every citizen, where no one is considered useless or second class or outcast; less valuable, less educated, civilized.”

This admonition was contained in the homily of the Catholic Archbishop of Abuja Archdiocese, Most Rev. Ignatius Ayau Kaigama for the 30th Sunday of the ordinary time year ‘A’ at St. Mary Magdalene Parish, old Kutunku, Abuja.

According to the Archbishop, “We all have a duty and responsibility towards one another, our youths, our families and larger society. We need to create a society that cares about every citizen, where no one is considered useless or second class or outcast; less valuable, less educated, less human, etc.” He condemned in all ramifications the uncivilized conduct of violence and arson that disrupted the peaceful #EndSARS protest march of the youths that took place in different parts of the country, recently.

 He expressed concern that; when the youths embarked on a peaceful protest demanding an end to police brutality, the protection of lines, decorum in conduct by those in authority, accountability, good governance etc.; some hoodlums went about destroying very valuable private and public properties across the country. He wondered why Christians and Muslims cleric preach love over and over in Churches and Mosques respectively, yet people return home forgetting to be kind, patient, gentle, and forgiving to one another.

The Metropolitan of Abuja also clarified Pope Francis’ Statement in same sex civil union. He said: “The Pope is simply saying that because the love which springs from Jesus is patient, kind, forgiving and all inclusive, sinners including drunkards, prostitutes, murderers, thieves, etc should be shown love and given mercy.” He added: “A Christians is called to show hospitality not hostility; to love the Sinner, but to hate the sin, to have and show love that is real, true and consistent.”  

Meanwhile, in his homily at this year’s Mission Sunday Mass, Archbishop Kaigama called on Christians not to allow the Corona virus pandemic to stop them from spreading the gospel of Christ, adding that the pandemic must not be a barrier or cripple “our response to give what we can do by meeting the Spiritual and material needs of people and Churches throughout the world, for the salvation of all.” He added; “During these challenging times of the Corona virus pandemic, Social distancing should not affect our love, caring for creation and for one another.”

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