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Oct 07, 2020


Collaboration, peace, unity and reconciliation have been described as essential factors for the success of laity groups in the life of the Church. These factors, help the groups to succeed in their spiritual and pastoral apostolate for the realization of the objectives of the Church; especially in her reach-out mission with the good News of Christ.

The above contention was contained in the address of Rev. Fr. Patrick Alumuku to participants at the opening ceremony of the Reconciliation Retreat for the leaders of the Knights of St John International (KSJI); held recently at the CSN Resource Centre, Catholic Secretariat Nigeria (CSN), Durumi, Abuja.  The Abuja Archdiocesan Director of Social Communications, was speaking in his capacity as the Supreme Subordinate Spiritual Director of the association.


The Spiritual Director of the Noble Order while stressing the importance of peace to development in any human endeavour, stated that peace is a great gift which the resurrected Jesus gave to his apostles before finally departing this world. He however added that forgiveness and pardon are pre-requisites for peace.


Fr. Alumuku spoke extensively on the importance of reconciliation as an essential factor for a happy Christian life noting that “God considered reconciliation so important that he gave His only begotten Son to come and die for us to reconcile us with Him”. He noted that, where there is misunderstanding, anger should not be allowed to take control as it would further aggravate the situation and lead to retaliation. He continued: “The mentality of retaliation destroys (people and) states; while the mentality of tolerance (and forgiveness) builds nations.


The Spiritual Director stressed the need for leaders of Church groups to always come together in retreat, so as to jointly re-examine themselves, individually and collectively with the view of realigning their relationship with God, as directed by Christ for the common good of humanity. According to him, the time of recollection or retreat enables the faithful to go into silent meditation and commune with the Holy Spirit; and after become refreshed to do the work of God better, within and outside the church.


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