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Aug 19, 2020


Salvaging the Nigerian nation from her present myriad of socio-economic challenges and societal malaise is the collective responsibility of majority of Nigerians; and not that of the elected powerful few who have perpetrated the acts and put the country in her present conundrum.


This assertion was made by the founder of the Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, Rev. Fr. George Ehusani, in his homily at the celebration of the Mass for the 17th Sunday of the Year 2020, at the Foundation’s Chaplaincy, in Apo, Abuja.


According to the former Secretary General of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN); the masses must take the destiny of the country in their hands if she is to be delivered from her situation of endemic corruption and other vices that have continually ravaged all facets of life. He noted that the decision of the majority not to take responsibility to save the nation from the grips of the elected powerful few who have turned the country and the nation’s treasury into personal property would make the country to be in perpetual bondage.


Pointing out that for the country to experience the desired change, the people must come out, take the destiny of the country in their hands and do the needful, through public outcry. He added that those who perpetrated the evil acts that are presently affecting the socio-economic and religious lives of the country, would never effect the desired change.


Articulating the readings of the day, Fr. Ehusani enunciated the importance of seeking the wisdom of God as identified in the encounter of King Solomon with God in the first reading; and striving to make heaven, which our LordJesus Christ illustrated as the hidden treasure, with three parables in the Gospel reading.


On how to work for the kingdom of God, Fr. Ehusani noted that fighting for justice and common good and improving the society, individually or collectively, are actions geared at working for the Kingdom of God. Making reference to the Synodal document of the 1971 Synod of Bishops on Justice in the World; Fr. Ehusani remarked that every Christian should be involved in it because every work to improve justice, to improve fair play, to improve unity, to improve peace in the world, is work for the kingdom.


On the choice of wisdom by King Solomon during his encounter with God, in the first reading; Fr. Ehusani stated that wisdom is an inestimable treasure; and Solomon’s choice of wisdom made God to endow him with other good things of life, including, acumen, power and wealth. Stressing the importance of Godly wisdom and fear of God, the Lux Terra Leadership Foundation founder stated that lack of fear of God is responsible for the vices of the society adding that without Godly wisdom, all earthly gifts are useless. He urged the faithful to strive to see life from God’s perspective instead of worldly perspectives.


Expressing concern that the world and the people are lost, as  what interests them most are the plastic superficial hollow life of the world, instead of heavenly induced values; Fr. Ehusani noted that Christians are supposed to be the light of the world, have the fear of God and live along the ways of God, to be able to change the world and gain heaven. He added “We will not be happy, if we don’t have Godly wisdom. We are bound to misuse every opportunity; there is temptation to steal and defraud while hunger for money, power, pleasure and other vices lead to an insatiable life.”


Fr Ehusani, however noted that, in the quest for heaven, there might be suffering, crises and other challenges; adding that all these can lead us to heaven, because God is faithful and He can turn things around. He declared: “What we require is faith, patience and trust in the providence of God. Kingdom of God is the highest value of life and Good relationship with God is the real treasure of inestimable value.”  

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