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Aug 19, 2020


A call has been made for attitudinal change on the part of the country’s political class to ensure that the wealth of the country is judiciously used for the common good of all Nigerians, especially the poor and the needy. To achieve this goal, the political elites have been admonished to be compassionate and charitable leaders like our Lord, Jesus Christ.


This call was made by Rev. Fr. Marcellinus Teko, the Administrator of the Holy Cross Cathedral Church, Lagos, in his homily at the celebration of the Mass for the 18th Sunday of the Church year, held on August 2nd, 2020; at the Church in Lagos.


Noting that the lack of these virtues among the country’s political leaders have been responsible for the mis-governance and mismanagement of the country’s resources, thereby making many Nigerians poor and dejected; Fr. Teko remarked that “the role of every leader, the primary duty of every true, every worthy and heroic leader ought to be to recognize the needs of the people and respond to them through the provision of their basic amenities of life.”


Using the readings of the day to accentuate the compassion, love and charity of Christ as a leader worthy of emulation, the Cathedral Administrator declared: “The compassionate love of God is what the Sunday presents to us. If you have it, if you can access it, then all problems are taken care of. Never lose sight of that truth, that fact, no matter what you are going through. The love of God is all you need. Seek it today and go after it.”


Noting that with Jesus on our side, we can surmount all challenges of life, spoke extensively on the compassion, love and charity of Christ for humanity, using the miracle of the feeding of over 5,000 men with five loaves of bread and two fish to buttress his point. He declared: “That is the God that we have. So, this Sunday, it is really not about the multiplication of the loaves but about the celebration of the compassion of God, to remind you in your own suffering state, to remind you in your sorrow and tragedy that Jesus is not looking away, he is aware of your condition, he is aware of your plight and he is not a leader or a God that just pities, he makes a move, he does something so that your situation can change.


On the Nigerian situation, Fr. Teko regretted that only a few are enjoying the wealth of the nation, living in affluence while majority of Nigerians are languishing in abject poverty.  His words: “There are those buying properties in Dubai, in America and other parts of the world, yet many are homeless in the country today. There are those who throw away food they no longer want to eat, and many are dying of hunger in abject poverty. There are those whose allowances, pensions, and income are reading in thousands, millions, billions and some even trillions, but there are those who struggle to even earn ten thousand naira in a month in the same country.


All these and the rate of corruption which stinks to high heavens in the country public life, compel us to search our consciences and to really wonder if we are following the true teachings of Jesus considering the number of Christians and righteous Muslims that we have in the country; Fr. Teko stated. Noting that God is watching the action of everybody, the Cathedral Administrator declared: “That wealth of God in your possession, it is not your own wealth; it is meant to be shared. Like Mahatma Gandhi once said, “God has given us enough for our need but not for our greed; let the rich live more simply so that the poor might simply live.”

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