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Jul 08, 2020


Bishop Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo of Oyo Diocese has described responsible fatherhood as the invaluable root for a happy family and stable world. The Bishop made the remark in his homily at the celebration of the Mass for the 12th Sunday of the Church Calendar Year for 2020; and the celebration of this year’s Fathers’ Day; at the …… Church, Asogo, Oyo, Oyo State.

 In the homily titled: Blessings and Blues of Fathers’ Day, Bishop Badejo outlined the two types of fathers that exist; the good ones that are proactive to their responsibilities in the homes and the society and the others that are found wanting in their matrimonial and societal responsibilities.

 Bishop Badejo declared: “we thank God for our biological fathers who nurture, provide for discipline and protect their families. Many of these will receive flowers, cards, messages and hugs of appreciation today for their role and effort. Some foster fathers, guardians, pastors and Reverend Fathers will be likewise celebrated.” He also mentioned that there are some fathers who could not discharge their fatherly responsibilities as a result of circumstances beyond their control.

 He continued: “There are other fathers who suffer psychological, moral and mental damage, twisted and injured by accidental or self-inflicted causes and who have become violent and abusive to their spouses and children. Such fathers abuse, rape and violate members of their families and even abandon them for alcohol, drug abuse and cultism. Such fathers are largely responsible for the large numbers of decadent youths, street kids, children out of school and child trafficking.”

 The children of these deficient fathers grow up to become irresponsible parents themselves and the ripple effect worsens as the years pass. “Those deficient fathers deserve the attention of the civil authorities, the law and the Church. The Bishop also used the occasion to commend mothers “who in the “absence” of good fathers are doing all they can to fill the father’s role in their families as well”.  Noting good fathers give joy to the heart of God, Bishop Badejo stated that the occasion also provides an opportunity to speak on the current wave of increase in the crime of rape in the society; pointing out that: “Rape is a reprehensible and horrific sign of moral decadence and deficiency in our society.” While calling for most stringent punishment to correct the anomaly, Bishop Badejo declared: “By implication, Father’s Day reminds us to do more in teaching youths about honouring and respecting the other person, especially women.”

The bishop further urged: “It is time to teach youths about the mortal danger of pornography which provokes uncontrollable sexual urges and drug abuse. It is time to impress it upon fathers to lay good life example for their children through how they themselves treat their mothers and wives because children may forget what we say but they never forget what they see us do.”

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