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Jul 08, 2020


Following Christ faithfully cannot not be compromised with the ultimate desire for earthly values, as the two are not compatible for the common good and everlasting life in heaven. This assertion was made by the Chief Executive Officer of Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, Rev, Fr. George Ehusani, in his homily at the celebration of the Mass for the 13th Sunday of the Church’s Ordinary Time in the Year 2020; held at the Church of the Foundation, in Apo, Abuja, on Sunday June 28. In the same vein, Fr. Ehusani stated that Christian charity is not for reciprocal purpose, but given out of love without expectation of any favour in return. Using the story of Prophet Elisha and the Shunamite woman to emphasize his point, the Lux Terra Leadership Foundation founder noted that while Elisha gave his life generously to God in reaching out with the word of God, without expecting a return; the Shunamite woman provided accommodation for Elisha and his assistant oblivious of the favour from God to her through the prophet.

 He added that both were rewarded by God who is the overall owner of all things of life, with the prophet having a place of comfort each time on his journey with the word of God; while the woman, for opening her heart to the word of God, though barren, was given a child, through the prophet. Fr. Ehusani, however warned that when charity is done with the expectation of receiving a reward, this not Christian Charity but an investment. Speaking further on the conflict of values between people whose lives are configured to witnessing to Christ and those whose lives are configured to earthly values; the homilist noted that there is no half measure in the followership of Christ. He added that following Christ demands total concentration and commitment, and any anybody who opts to follow the Lord must be ready to reject anybody or anything that stands on the way of Christ’s discipleship. His words: “Jesus does not compromise his position on this and He does not compel people to follow him. “So, He must either be my first love or He is not in my life”; he asserted. 

 According to him, those whose lives are configured to Christ and His kingdom and those whose lives are configured along the parameters of the world are on parallel lines; with the former being a better option for any good Christian who wants to gain heaven. Noting that there is bound to be conflict of values in this world full of sin, Fr. Ehusani reminded the faithful that when such conflict arises, there should be no doubt in their minds who to choose. Reflecting further, Fr. Ehusani reminded the faithful of the words of Jesus that “Anybody who prefers worldly attachments to me is not worthy of me”; adding that this is the centre of the Gospel of Christ. While stressing that possessing the kingdom of God must be seen as the greatest value in life, the former Secretary General of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN), expressed concern that the world celebrates the pleasures of the flesh which consist of wealth, power and status. He added that in the world of corruption and other vices, living a true Christian life is a great challenge. “…and these cost us of closeness to Christ and heaven,” he added.

 Fr. Ehusani pointed out that as stated by Christ, being bearers of the Gospel is not an easy feat; stressing that followers of Christ shall be persecuted for his sake; brought before governors and kings and subjected to hatred and intimidation, even to the point of death. He however urged the faithful to remain undaunted and be steadfast in the faith, because possessing the kingdom of heaven is of greater value than all that the world offers. He further urged that in the midst of the world’s cacophony of vices and earthly values, the fiathful should remain meek and humble and embrace the life of sacrifice. In this perspective he continued: “We must be generous with our resources; embrace the values of the kingdom of truth, justice, purity, sacrificial love, forgiveness and compassion; embrace the love of Christ and his kingdom, over and above family and kindred values; be ready to pay the cost of Christian discipleship and run away from sin.

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