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Jun 17, 2020


The Holy Spirit has been described as an essential gift of God to humanity; and the outpouring of this third Person of the Blessed Trinity is more necessary in the present-day world, so that humanity and especially Christians throughout the world can be renewed in love and compassion. This contention of Monsignor Paschal Nwaezeapu, was contained in his homily at the celebration of the Mass for this year’s Pentecost Sunday, at the Holy Cross Cathedral, Lagos. In the homily with the theme: We Need The Holy Spirit and His Charismatic Gifts, Msgr. Nweazeapu used the readings of the day to highlight the indispensable role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church and humanity. He stressed that the Holy Spirit is the source of our unity as believers in Christ and “the charisms He bestows on believers and reasons for them; and why the world needs Him and the renewal He brings”.

Using the readings of the day to emphasize why the Church and the faithful need the Holy Spirit, the Msgr. Nwaezeapu noted that present-day-world Church, Christian families and the entire human race need the new Pentecost for more outpouring from the Holy Spirit with “a close or intimate personal relationship with Him – openness to his divine promptings and moves, ad a daily walk with Him and a complete reliance on his guidance and power”

He added: “The point is that we were not created to walk alone; the Church was not established to walk alone; Christians couples are not wedded to walk alone. No, all of us are meant to walk with the Holy Spirit.”  

Msgr. Nwaezeapu spoke extensively on the Person of the Holy Spirit, His importance as the best gift of God to mankind and His indispensability as far as the true worship of God is concerned, among others.  Pointing out that without the Holy Spirit radical conversion to God is not possible and our missionary work will not be fruitful; Msgr. Nwaezeapu noted that it is the Holy Spirit who reveals the truth to men and helps them recognize it and follow it. He added that today: “We also need the Charismatic Gifts of the Holy Spirit to empower us for our specific and collective mission for God and the Church.”

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