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Jun 17, 2020


The Holy Spirit has bonded humanity together in the faith, in spite of different spiritual gifts given to each person. The Pope made this assertion in his homily at the celebration of the Mass to mark this year’s Pentecost Sunday, at the Basilica of St Peter, at the Vatican.

 According to the Holy Father, the gift of God in the life of every individual is better utilized when the gift is shared with others and for the common good of humanity. He however warned that there are three principal enemies that can prevent the sharing of these God given gifts with other people. The three enemies are, narcissism, victimhood and pessimism.” The Holy Father elaborated that narcissism makes us to idolize ourselves and be concerned only in what interests us; while victimhood makes us complain every time about others while the pessimist gets angry with the world but sits back and makes no effort to correct the anomalies identified.

 Describing the Holy Spirit as the rallying factor of the Church in the present day world as it was with the early Church, the Pope noted that the Holy Spirit is present in the life of the Church and the faithful; empowered many men and women to witness to Christ even at the point of shedding their blood; and still doing the same with men and women in our society today to live righteous life. He pointed out that the Holy Spirit that was with the early Church is also present in the Church today; continuing the work of harmony. More so, “Our principle of unity is the Holy Spirit. The Spirit comes to us, in our differences and difficulties, to tell us that we have one Lord -- Jesus -- and one Father, and that for this reason we are brothers and sisters!” He stressed that from the day of Pentecost the first task of the Church is proclamation.


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