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Jun 17, 2020


The oneness of the Blessed Trinity is manifested in the ultimate love of the triune God for mankind. The Pope made the assertion while addressing pilgrims from the window overlooking the Vatican Square, on the celebration of the Solemnity of the Blessed Trinity.

Using the day’s Gospel reading from Gospel of St. John (3:16), Pope Francis spoke extensively on the immeasurable love of God for humanity, in spite of the sinfulness and other vices of humanity; in the “good and beautiful world He created”. Describing the Blessed Trinity as a saving love for the broken world, the Pope declared: “The Holy Trinity is saving love in a world filled with corruption, evil, and the sinfulness of men and women.” He emphasized that the “action of the three divine persons, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is all one single plan of love that saves humanity and the world”.

 Pointing out that the Christian community, in spite of all human frailties, can become a reflection of the communion of the Blessed Trinity’s oneness and immeasurable love; the Pope said: “Christ has shown us the face of God, One in substance and unity of three Persons; God is all and only Love, in a subsisting relationship that creates, redeems, and sanctifies”. The Holy Father added: “The Son of God showed that God first sought us, and revealed that eternal life is precisely "the immeasurable and gratuitous love of the Father that Jesus gave on the Cross, offering his life for our salvation. And this love, by the action of the Holy Spirit, has irradiated a new light upon the earth and in every human heart that welcomes it."Pope Francis described Christian life as an encounter with Christ which culminates in the love and encounter with God. “Today’s feast, he continued; “invites us to let ourselves be fascinated again by God’s inexhaustible beauty, goodness, and truth.  He continued, “And this is faith: to receive God-Love, to receive this God-Love who gives Himself in Christ, who makes us move in the Holy Spirit; to let ourselves encounter Him and to trust in Him. This is the Christian life. To love, encounter God, seek God, but He seeks us first, He meets us first.”The Holy Father also used the occasion to remind the faithful that the Corona Virus disease is still very much around and wreaking havoc in different parts of the world and stressed the need to follow all the guidelines put in place by civil authorities in all the countries of the world, to control the further spread of the pandemic.

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