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Jul 22, 2018


The newly consecrated Co-Adjutor Bishop of Ilorin Diocese has been advised to be an exemplary and inspirational leader to the faithful of the diocese to ensure that they can be hardworking, sound, holy and apostolic in their ministry.

The call was made by the Catholic Bishop of Osogbo Diocese, Most Rev. John Oyejola while delivering the homily at the Episcopal ordination of Msgr. Paul Adegboyega Olawore as the Co-Adjutor Bishop of Ilorin Diocese. The ceremony took place recently at St Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral Church, Taiwo Isale, Ilorin, Kwara State.

Present at the ceremony were: Archbishop Antonio Guido Filipazzi, the Apostolic Nuncio to Nigeria; John Cardinal Onaiyekan of Abuja Archdiocese; Anthony Cardinal Okogie, emeritus Archbishop of Lagos and 22 other members of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN). Also in attendance were dignitaries from all walks of life, Priests, religious, Knights of the Church and lay faithful from different parts of the country.

Describing the Bishop-elect as a hardworking, simple, prayerful priest and teacher, Bishop Oyejola urged him not to be weary as a teacher, in presenting the authentic and sound faith to the faithful and also not shy away from reprimanding them, when necessary.

The homilist declared: “The Church needs hardworking, incorruptible, patient, prayerful and faithful teachers of the true and authentic faith today whose words and example witness to the world and strengthens the faith of the people of God.”

According to him the people “have become confused by the echoes of wide spread false teachers who shamelessly use the sacred name of Jesus to accumulate power and wealth and propagate their own satanic messages”. He therefore admonished the Bishop-elect to be an inspiration to the priests and others who share in the teaching ministry, to be hard working, sound, holy and apostolic in the ministry.

Speaking further, Bishop Oyejola noted that bishops and priests have the mandate to plough and sow the seed of eternal life in the parts of the world that had been hardened by many scorching rays of evil, noting that: “No time in history has humanity trod the futile and illusory footsteps of Adam and Eve in search of happiness within a life that completely excludes God like our own time”.

Pointing out that the material possessions, pleasure, power and domination over others have become the ultimate goal of human life; the Catholic Bishop of Osogbo added that those who make room for God in their life do so to use him to attain their personal desires and ambitions in material things and power.

Warning that the world cannot survive if emptied of the presence of God, the homilist advised the bishop-elect: “You must therefore manage the priests under you to have a deep sense of belonging and cooperation, in the task of making a difference in parish life, in community life, in a world that has lost its soul.”

Bishop Oyejola also used the occasion to warn against the proliferation of personal ministries among priests, pointing out that: “There is only one ministry in the Church and it is the ministry of Christ and we are just workers in the ministry”. He added: “The flock we tend is the flock of Christ entrusted to us by the Church. We must feed the sheep of the flock only with the food that is given to us by the owner of the flock lest we poison them and introduce destructive diseases into the flock of Christ.”

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