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May 26, 2018

The Holy Father, Pope Francis has outlined the invaluable power of the Holy Spirit in the life of man and the Church; noting that according to the Bible, “the Holy Spirit brings real power to change individuals and the Church”. He made the remark in his homily at the celebration of the Mass to mark this year’s Pentecost Sunday, at St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, Rome.
According to the Pope: “The Holy Spirit changes hearts and make us bold and courageous as well as transforms to bear witness to him. He continued: The Spirit frees hearts chained by fear, He opens hearts that are closed; He compels the comfortable to go and serve; drives the self-satisfied to set out in new directions and makes the lukewarm thrill to new dreams”; noting that all these imply to change hearts.
The Holy Father also went ahead to outline what the Holy Spirit does not do. His words: “It does not revolutionize life around us, but changes our hearts. It does not free us from the weight of our problems, but liberates us within so that we can face them. It does not give us everything at once, but makes us press on confidently, never growing weary of life. The Spirit keeps our hearts young – a renewed youth. Youth, for all our attempts to prolong it, sooner or later fades away; the Spirit, instead, prevents the only kind of aging that is unhealthy: namely, growing old within.”
He noted that God does this: “By renewing our hearts, by pardoning sinners. Here is the great change: from guilty he makes us righteous and thus changes everything. From slaves of sin we become free, from servants we become beloved children, from worthless worthy, from disillusioned filled with hope. By the working of the Holy Spirit, joy is reborn and peace blossoms in our hearts.”
Pope Francis noted that the Holy Spirit not only changes hearts but also situations including the most unimaginable ones. He therefore called on the congregation to learn what to do when in need of real change, particularly “when we are downcast, wearied by life burdens, oppressed by our own weakness, at those times when it is hard to keep going and loving seems impossible”. He added: “In those moments, we need a powerful ‘jolt’; the Holy Spirit, the power of God.”

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