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Apr 21, 2018


Motherhood has been described as an essential and irreplaceable factor in the formation and common good of humanity. This position was made by the deputy Secretary General of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN), Rev. Fr. Zacharia Samjumi, while preaching the homily at the celebration of the Mass to mark this year’s Mothers’ Day by the female staff of the Catholic Secretariat; last Thursday at the St Gabriel Chaplaincy, Durumi, Abuja.

According to Fr Samjumi, women play a vital and collaborative role in the life of humanity as givers of life, mothers, wives and compassionate partners in all facets of life especially in times of challenges and difficulties. The homilist used the message of Saint Pope John Paul II in Mulieris Dignitatem, (no 18) to buttress his point.

The CSN Deputy Secretary General noted that according to the Holy Father: “Motherhood involves a special communion with the mystery of life, as it develops in the woman’s womb. The mother is filled with wonder at this mystery of life, and ‘understands’ with unique intuition what is happening inside her. In the light of the ‘beginning’, the mother accepts and loves as a person the child she is carrying in her womb. This unique contact with the new human being developing within her gives rise to an attitude towards human beings – which profoundly marks the woman’s personality. It is commonly thought that women are more capable than men of paying attention to another person, and that motherhood develops this predisposition even more.”

He quoted the Pope further: “The man – even with all his sharing in parenthood – always remains ‘outside’ the process of pregnancy and the baby’s birth; in many ways he has to learn his ‘fatherhood’ from the mother. One can say that this is part of the normal human dimension of parenthood, including the stages that follow the birth of the baby, especially the initial period. The child upbringing, taken as a whole, should include the contribution of both parents: the maternal and paternal contribution. In any event, the mother’s contribution is decisive in laying the foundation for a new human personality.”

Fr Samjumi also quoted copiously from another relevant Church document which emphasizes the fundamental values linked to women’s ‘capacity for the other’ and her physical capacity to give life. He said that the Church’s document (Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the collaboration of Men and Women in the Church and in the World; no 13) says: “among the fundamental values linked to women’s actual life is what has been called a capacity for the other. This intuition is linked to women physical capacity to give life. Whether lived out or remaining potential, this capacity is a reality that structures the female personality in a profound way. It allows her to acquire maturity very quickly, and gives a sense of the seriousness of life and its responsibilities. … It is women in the end who even in every desperate situation as attested to by history past and present, possess a singular capacity to persevere in adversity. to keep life going even in extreme situations, to hold tenaciously to the future and finally to remember with tears the value of every human life.”

The CSN deputy Secretary General stated that that is why the Church holds women and look on them, so to speak as a miniature God. He continued: “To know God know the nature of a woman. They have the greatest capacity for the other. they are the one who listen more and can feel more and get connected more to the needs of others, and therefore exemplify God’s qualities. Women are said to be really wonderful, and very influential, and for that reason, being so powerful.

He outlined other features that make the woman a special creature whose collaboration with God gives life, love, dignity, passion and compassion to humanity. The homilist commended the women of the secretariat for celebrating motherhood, noting that the invaluable contributions of women as mothers, wives, live givers and shapers in the family and society in general cannot be controverted

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