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Mar 20, 2018


Upholding the sanctity of life and its protection is the responsibility of every citizen and all stakeholder groups, including the government, the National Association of Directors of Religious Education (NADRE) has declared. This position of the association was contained in the Resolutions adopted by members of the association, at end of their Annual Conference, held recently at Domus Pacis Pastoral Institute, Igboba Road, Akure, Ondo State.

The Resolutions, signed by Rev. Fr. Joseph Ameh Obuh and Rev. Fr. Richard Omolade, Chairman and Secretary of the association respectively; noted: “The existential reality of our country has revealed that the sanctity of human life has become a topical issue in religious, moral and political discussions concerning a wide range of killings and bio-ethical issues such as abortion, the use of contraceptives, cloning, embryo research, genetic engineering, euthanasia etc.” The theme of the conference was: Live and Let Live: A Case for the Sanctity of Human Life.

Noting that human life is a gift from God and man cannot do whatever he will with it; the directors expressed concern about the present situation in Nigeria, with regards to the issues of security and safety of life. They said: “In Nigeria today, life has greatly lost its value, even though the constitution of the country makes provision for the protection and promotion of the life of everybody from different avoidable causes. Life has really lost its value because of murderous herdsmen and Boko Haram killings, kidnapping, forceful abduction and conversion, abortion, euthanasia, human trafficking, religious fanaticism, contraceptives etc.”

They therefore made the following recommendations among others: that both the leaders of the country and the people must accept that the protection of human life is a divine assignment and a moral choice that should not be treated with levity; parents should be the first to teach the children the value of the sanctity of life, the fear of God, its precepts and the golden rule through family catechesis; school educators should promote mutual respect and love among staff and students while core values of life should be reinforced and modeled by staff and students.

They also advocated that government policies at all levels must protect life and property of the people and these policies implemented with sincerity while the Church’s position to the sanctity of life remains sacrosanct.

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