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Mar 20, 2018


The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Most Rev. Matthew Hassan Kukah has warned that the unity of the Nigerian nation is threatened to its very foundation pointing out that no country can survive on injustice. He emphasized that the unity and justice in Nigeria is threatened to its very foundation especially in Kaduna State.

Bishop Kukah made this remark in his homily at the burial ceremony of late Most Rev. Joseph Danlami Bagobiri of Kafanchan Diocese, held recently at the Kafanchan New Township Stadium, Kafanchan, Kaduna State. The homily was titled: I am for Peace, But when I Speak, they are for War (Ps. 120:7).

According to the Local Ordinary of Sokoto Diocese: “Our country is in very serious crisis, the type of which we have never seen before. Death, destruction and destitution have become our lot and nowhere is this more expressed than in northern Nigeria.” He continued: “Today, Boko Haram and the herdsmen and farmers clashes are phenomena that are peculiar to the north and Islam.”

He added: “We cannot run away from this. It is sad that the northern Muslim elite have used religion to hold on to power to the detriment of even their own people and the larger society. For despite holding power for all these years, the north is still the poorest part of the country, nearly 15m Muslim children are on the streets with no future in sight, we are, as the Governor of Borno would say, the poster child of poverty.”

Noting that the world is changing and that the Nigerian nation must be built on justice, Bishop Kukah used the words of Usman Dan Fodio and the message of late Bishop Bagobiri, delivered to his faithful last December, to emphasize that justice is the pillar of a better future. His words: “The world is changing and we have a country to build. Even Usman Dan Fodio said that a society can live with unbelief, but no nation can survive with injustice.”

He continued: “Bishop Bagobiri lived at a time when clearly, the foundation of unity and justice in Kaduna in particular and Nigeria in general seemed threatened. At Christmas last year, he appealed to his people to remain firm. He said in a message on December 24th, 2017: Despite the many constraints in the area of security; the growing debilitating poverty; un-precedent corruption and the piles of lies being bombarded on us daily, the word of the lord exhorts to be consoled and remain steadfast for the Lord’s visitation has come. As it is said, luxury and lies have huge maintenance cost, but truth and simplicity are self-maintained without any cost. We should be consoled for Christ has visited his people. God in Christ is born to us in Nigeria today. Nigeria would be renewed from its current decay and recapture its lost glory again.”

The ceremony was attended by about 18 members of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), led by the President, Most Rev. Augustine Obiora Akubeze of Benin City; dignitaries from all walks of life from within and outside the country and representatives of the different societies from most of the Archdioceses and dioceses in the country.

The remains of the late Bishop Danlami Joseph Bagobiri of Kafanchan Catholic Diocese was buried at St. Peter Clever Cathedral, Kafanchan, Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State on Thursday, March 15, 2018. He died in Kaduna on February 27, at the age of 61 after a protracted illness.

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