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Mar 16, 2018


Diocesan/Religious Congregations directors of communication have been called upon to collaborate with priests in their various dioceses to make the communication apostolate of the Church in the country more inclusive and effective for the common good of humanity.

The call was made by the new Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) Episcopal Chairman for Social Communications, Most Rev. Denis Isizoh in his Keynote Address at the opening ceremony of the first Plenary Meeting of the Association of Diocesan/Religious Directors of Communications, held at Eziafakaego Garden Resort in Nnokwa, near Onitsha, Anambra State.

Stressing the importance of collaboration and cooperation for the success of the work of the directors as the image makers, informers and educators of the Church in their dioceses, the CBCN Episcopal Chairman for Social Communications declared: “… in your own diocese, you should be able to reach most people of God in your dioceses … If an event is happening don’t wait, send it to all the priests in your diocese, religious congregations and the lay faithful. Let them be informed. You are a real communicator, if you are able to do this.”

In order to discharge their work effectively, Bishop Isizor urged the directors and other Catholic Communicators to ensure access to all means, gadgets and facilities of communication, including the social media to be able to disseminate the truth, not only to the faithful of the Church but also to the people of their immediate environment.

Bishop Isizoh urging the directors to be professional in all what they do declared: “…be truly professional in what you do. There are rules in the way you publish Church news and religious news. There is some percentage of the news coverage you give about Church affairs and about circular affairs; make sure you understand very well the things you should do. Give us true news that will educate the people that will inform the people of real activities going on in the dioceses.”

Urging the directors to be very active in their work, the Bishop Chairman further urged: “educate the people, educate them in things they should know, educate them concerning our own faith and different other things around them. Inform them of what is happening around them. People are hungry, they want to hear the news; feed them with the news.” The Bishop however added that the directors should also give the correct news, avoid falsehood and unnecessary sensation; promote justice and peace.

The 3-day meeting started with an opening Mass at St Mary’s Catholic Church, Nnokwa, near Onitsha, Anambra State; with Archbishop Valerian Okeke as the Chief celebrant, followed by an opening ceremony attended by invited dignitaries, representatives of the CMO, CWO, CYON and other faithful from different parts of Onitsha Archdiocese. Also in attendance was the Rev. Fr. Martin Onukwuba, President of the Regional Union of Priests of West Africa and about 50 directors of communications from different parts of the country. The theme of the meeting was: The Truth Will Set You Free (Jn.8:32), Fake News and Journalism for Peace.

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