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Jan 22, 2018


The persistent carnage of Fulani herdsmen in Adamawa State has been described as a deliberate attempt to subdue the practice of Christianity in the state; with the allegation of the government tacitly supporting this infringement on the freedom of practice of Religion as contained in the country’s Constitution.

This assertion was contained in a statement read at a recent press conference in Maiduguri by the Chairman of the Adamawa State chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN); Most Rev. Stephen Dami Mamza. The statement titled: “The Spate of Violence and Terror killings unleashed upon Christian/Farming Communities in Adamawa State by Herdsmen” was signed by Bishop Mamza and Rev. Anthony Elishama, Chairman and Secretary of the State’s CAN, respectively.

Pointing out that the unfortunate situation is happening at a time when public confidence in Federal and the State’s Governments’ political confidence to guarantee security of citizens is eroding at an alarming rate; the association declared: “This is due to governments insensitivity to the issue, particularly as there is a distasteful allegation of side-taking in some instances”. The association however stated: “While Can does not subscribe out rightly to the allegation, we hope it is not true”.

The association rolled-out a catalogue of atrocities against indigene farmers in different parts of the state by the marauding herdsmen stating specifically that; “not less than 10 Churches were burnt down and in some instances, even worshippers were killed and several others injured. The on-going carnage according to the state CAN is tantamount to “an attempt to discourage Christianity and to silence Christians from free religious practice”.

They added: “We make bold to reject this attempt and ask the government to stop the unfortunate development. While calling on both the Federal and State Government not to give any support to the heinous activities of the herdsmen, they association proffered some suggestions to bring lasting solution to the carnage and also called on government officials to avoid inflammatory statements that can aggravate the situation.

The association advised government to design a roadmap for an enduring peace in the state; suggesting that the work of the committee set up to look into the crises should work objectively with time precision, while government previous reports and recommendation on the crisis should be implemented and the country’s land borders should protected at all cost to “keep none Nigerian herdsmen from flowing into the country at will”

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