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Dec 14, 2017


Francis Cardinal Arinze has described the University as an indispensable institution for the holistic formation of the human person for the emancipation of an egalitarian society, where the values of freedom of choice, rights and thoughts are imparted into the students through education and research work. “Attention to these areas of development will lead to the human and spiritual growth of the person as a man or woman”; he added.

The Cardinal made this assertion while delivering the 10th anniversary and sixth Convocation lecture for Veritas University (Catholic University of Nigeria), Bwari, Abuja. The theme of the lecture was: The University Today; and the programme took place recently at the National University Commission (NUC) Auditorium, Abuja.

The Guest lecturer who stated that the basic trainings provided by the University go before considerations of usefulness or professional competence, declared: “A University is a community of students and faculty or teachers who are all in common search of truth. They are in pursuit of the good, the beautiful, the true and the noble.” He added: “Students are helped to think to cultivate the mind, to develop their faculty to reason, to ask why, to go to the root of problems and situations, to have a philosophical habit of mind.”

The emeritus Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments at the Vatican spoke extensively on the invaluable role of Philosophy and Theology faculty; the services the University can render to the society; relations between the University and the State and the specifics of Catholic University.

Pointing out that the University targets training citizens who will become respected statesmen and states women who have concern for the future of the country, Cardinal Arinze however, noted it encounters some formidable challenges in this perspective; to be able to respond to the expectations of the society.

He remarked that the University has to conduct programmes which are best for its students and within its capacities to provide and strike a balance between teaching and research so as to prepare well-formed men and women who will contribute to the progress of the society.

The ceremony was attended by dignitaries from all walks of life, including some members of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria, the academia and members of family of the graduating students.

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