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Nov 30, 2017


Harvest Thanksgiving celebration is a window of opportunity provided by the Church for the faithful to be wise and store up treasures in heaven; so that, after the sojourn here on earth, they will  be with Christ  in His eternal kingdom; Rev. Fr. Zacharia Samjumi, the Deputy Secretary General of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN), has stated.

 Fr. Samjumi made this remarks in his homily at the 2017 Harvest Thanksgiving Mass of St. Gabriel Catholic Chaplaincy, held recently at the premises of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN), Durumi, Abuja. Premising his homily on “wisdom and be careful”; the CSN deputy Secretary General used several illustrations to buttress, noting that often, people erroneously equate wisdom with smartness.

 Fr. Samjumi described the month of November as a special one in the life of the Church, during which natural events and feasts of the Church focus on reflection, using the past to assess the present and project for the future. His words: “The month of November  is really a significant spiritual month, a month that reminds us of spiritual things. First is the feast of All Saints November 1; then, the second day, we celebrate All Souls day, November2; to remind us of those who have died but yet to be in the presence of God. Generally, the month of November is a month for reflection, for us to think about life beyond the physical existence. It is a month of spirituality.”

The homilist went on to remind the congregation that the readings from the month of November talk constantly about the end of time the second coming of Christ or “ourselves leaving the world and going back to the father”. He therefore advised the faithful to factor this thinking into their daily life and prepare for the life after death; stressing that death can come anytime and anywhere. He added that the challenges of life, particularly as experienced by the needy, the sick and the underprivileged, gives us an opportunity to store up treasures in heaven by coming to the assistance of those who need our help. His words: “Disadvantaged people actually present to you moment of grace and wisdom lies in that by doing good”.

 Fr. Samjumi stressed that with the harvest thanksgiving celebration, the church provides an opportunity for the faithful to build up treasures for themselves in heaven. Noting that there is wisdom in this act, the CSN Deputy Secretary General urged the faithful to take advantage of this opportunity to give back to God by their thanksgiving and support for the less privileged and the needy. 

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