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Nov 08, 2017


The primary goal of our life as Christians is to enter eternal glory, after our sojourn on earth; Rev. Fr. Zacharia Samjumi, the Deputy Secretary General of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN), has stated. Fr Samjumi made this assertion in his homily delivered at St Gabriel’s Chaplaincy, Durumi, Abuja; while celebrating this year’s All Saints Day at the Chaplaincy.


Describing November as a month of spirituality, Fr. Samjumi told the faithful that the Church celebrates all Saints Day to remind us of the reality of the existence of life after death; where everybody shall be rewarded according to how each person has lived and what each person has done on earth. Using the readings of the day to buttress his point, Fr. Samjumi noted those who suffered for the sake of Christ while on earth are now living in heaven. He added: “This is a confirmation that eternal life is true”.


The Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria Deputy Secretary General noted that among other things, the celebration of All Saints day is a motivation for the faithful to know God, love God and serve God so that they can be with him in paradise, after the sojourn on earth. He expatiated further: “To know God is to understand how we relates with humanity. Those who know God don’t do evil to fellow human beings and are compassionate as God is”. He added: “To love God is to love those God loves and to serve him is to serve those He served.”

Fr. Samjumi reminded the faithful that in spite of man’s sinfulness, God did not abandon humanity but sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to atone for our sins and redeem us by dying for us on the Cross. He stated further that celebrating the saints in heaven is a reminder and an opportunity to live like them, “so that we can be with them in heaven at the end of our life on earth”.


In his own homily the following day, at the celebration of All Souls Day; the Secretary General of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN), Rev. Fr. Ralph Madu reiterated the importance of the month of November in the life of the Church noting that; while All Saints Day reminds  us of those who have lived a life of holiness while on earth and are now in heaven praying for us; the celebration of All Souls Day gives us an opportunity to pray for our beloved dead ones, especially those in Purgatory, who are neither in hell and cannot come back to earth but need prayers to obtain pardon for their sins and  be able to join the saints in heaven.


Describing the chain of prayer by those in heaven for those on earth, and those of us on earth for the souls in purgatory as “our communion as Christians”, Fr. Ralph described death as a mystery which no human being can determine as “we do not know, when and where it will come”. He noted that we should be grateful to God for all the good things he has done for us adding that the day’s celebration is a confirmation of the reality of death and life after death; either in heaven or hell.


He added that whatever prayers we say for the dead might come back to us, if after death we find ourselves in the same place like those who have gone before us. He urged the faithful to live life of holiness and be prepared always as nobody knows the day, hour or time, and no serialization age arrangement as to how we shall die.

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