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Oct 20, 2017


Bishop Michael Elue, the local ordinary of  Issele-Ukwu Diocese has described Jesus Christ as the source of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s divinity and power stressing that her maternal intercession always covers our needs even before we present them to the Lord.
The Bishop’s affirmation was contained in a paper titled: “Do Whatever He Tells You’ In Our Christian Life”;  delivered by him at the recently concluded third National Marian Congress held at the grounds of the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), Benin City, Edo State.
Speaking extensively on the virtues, roles and importance of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the life and faith of the Catholic Church, the Bishops used several biblical references to assert the spiritual and motherly influence of the Blessed Virgin as the Mother of God and the Church; and as the most effective channel of intercession with the Lord Jesus.
While assuring that the Lord Jesus will always respond positively to our needs especially when channeled through his Mother, Bishop Elue remarked: “… the real point of the story and which is the matter that highlights, very vividly, the intercessory role of the Blessed Mother is the fact that she anticipates the needs, she appropriates the needs, and makes them her concern and she presents the needs at the feet of the one whom she alone is herself, more sure than any other person in the world, that He would be able and willing to solve the problem, provided that the person who has the need does the thing that the Benefactor would ask him/her to do.”
The Bishop continued: “The absolute certainty that Mary has that her Son would do what she asks him to do is the foundation of the confidence that anybody has or should have in the intercessory power of the Blessed Virgin Mary.” He added that Mary’s maternal intercession always covers all the needs before they are presented to the Lord by us.
Speaking on the relationship between Jesus and Mary, Bishop Elue stated that Jesus is the source of all Mary’s unique power and privileges; because, everything about her flows form Christ. His words: “The unique role of the Blessed Virgin in our salvation, is central here. The basis of our belief is that Mary is rightly called Mother of God”. He added: “The basis of our believe is that Mary was Christ’s mother, and that, as Christ is God, so Mary is rightly called ‘Mother of God’.”
He continued: “It is important to stress that this is the basis for all Mary’s power and honour and privileges. If she had not been the Mother of the Redeemer, but merely the mother of perhaps a very big man, she would not have had any real role in our salvation. If she had no role in our salvation, she would have no place in our devotion.” Bishop Elue also spoke on the filial affection of Christ for His mother Mary, which makes it difficult for him to refuse any request from her.

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