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Jul 03, 2017


Two Catholic Prelates, Cardinal Peter Turkson and Archbishop Silvano Maria Tomasi have reiterated the position of the church global challenges noting that it is predicated on the common good of all humanity and not on national or regional identities.


The two church leaders made this position of the Church clear after participating at a recent meeting where experts on human development and social issues challenged Catholics around the world to respond with openness and a willingness to confront global issues in a truly Catholic manner.


Speaking to reporters at Georgetown University, Cardinal Peter Turkson warned that when Catholics focus on national or regional identities first “and make that qualify Catholicism or Catholic teaching, there’s a mighty good chance that we may be going in parallel lines and never meet.”


The Cardinal warned that Catholics from various regions of the world might lose sight of what’s more important when placing these identities at the forefront, rather than the faith.  “The thing that binds us, that makes us common is the fact of belonging to the Catholic faith,” he stressed.


Cardinal Turkson, who is the Prefect of the Dicastery of Integral Human Development, was joined by Archbishop Silvano Maria Tomasi, former Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations at a national convention of Catholic university centres studying Catholic Social Teaching. 


The two Church leaders spoke with reporters about a range of challenges facing the Church and the West today, including climate change, migration, education, development and social cohesion. They came to the university to participate at a national convention of Catholic University centers studying Catholic Social Teaching.


In his own remarks, Archbishop Tomasi, who also experienced working with refugee and migration issues, warned that recent trends in the West promote what he called a “self-centered” and inward-focused politics that can distract these nations from helping to find solutions to global problems. “If you look around the world, one of the situations we see in Europe, for example, even in Africa; there is a tendency in a part of the population to close in on itself.”


According to him: “It’s a global issue and if you limit yourself to the needs of your own country, you are not going to solve the problem,” He added:  “To truly create solutions to social problems, however, the Church believes that care must be taken for the good of the human person.  “The human person requires certain conditions to flourish.  Some of these conditions are moral conditions.  Some of them are physical.   Human ecology from the point of view of the Church would require legislation, policies that enable a human person to flourish and realize its dignity,” Archbishop Tomasi added.

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