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Jul 03, 2017


The Holy Father, Pope Francis has emphasized the importance of women in the teaching of values of unity and fraternity; adding that this can transform the human family. Pope Francis made this remark while meeting with participants at the plenary assembly of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, in Rome, recently.  Deliberations at the assembly were centered on the key contributions of women to interfaith relations.


Expressing concern that women’s work and dignity are often threatened by violence and hatred which tears families and societies apart.  According to the Holy Father, it is to the benefit of society that women have a growing presence in social, political and economic life – as well as in the life of the Church - at national and international levels.  He added that women’s rights must be affirmed and protected, including, if necessary, through legal means.


In their role as educators in the family and beyond, women have a particular vocation to foster innovative ways of welcoming and respecting others, the Pope stated; adding that  whether or not they are mothers, their contributions in the field of education is invaluable.


According to the Holy Father, women and men, through their different roles and intuitions are both called to the task of teaching fraternity and peace.  “Women, who are so intimately connected to the mystery of life, can contribute much through their care of life and their conviction that love is the only power able to make the world more habitable for each one of us”, he added.


Women, the Pope stated, are often the only ones to be found accompanying others, especially the weakest members of families or societies.  “Through their care of victims of conflict and all those facing the daily challenges of life, they teach us how to overcome our throwaway culture, he remarked.


Pope Francis concluded his address by highlighting the importance of these values in the work of Interreligious Dialogue.  “In the so-called dialogue of life, where women are often more involved than men, they can help us better understand the challenges of our multicultural societies”, he said.


The Pope stressed that many women are well prepared to contribute to the religious and theological discussions at the highest levels, alongside their male counterparts.  It is more necessary than ever that they do so, he said, so that their skills of listening, welcoming, and openness to others can be of service in weaving the delicate fabric of dialogue between all men and women of good will.

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