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Dec 29, 2016


The Holy Father, Pope Francis has called on all people of the world to embrace peace and radiate love in solidarity to free humanity from the bondage of sufferings and pains, especially in war torn areas of the globe.


In his this year’s Urbi et Orbi Christmas message, the Holy Father called on all warring factions in the different countries of the world, including Nigeria, to put an end to war and embrace dialogue to facilitate peace, in the concept of the spirit of the Christ the Prince of peace, who took flesh to come into the world for the salvation of man.


According to  the Pope; “the power of this child, Son of God and Son of Mary is not the power of this world, based on might and wealth; it is the power which created the heavens and the earth, which gives life to all creation, to minerals, plants and animals; it is the force which attracts man and woman, and makes them one flesh, one single existence; it is the power which gives birth, pardons faults, reconciles enemies and transforms evil into good. It is the power of God.”


Pope Francis continued: “This power of love led Jesus Christ to strip himself of his glory and become man; it led him to give his life on the cross and to rise from the dead. It is the power of service which inaugurates in our world the kingdom of God, a kingdom of justice and peace.”


The Pope advocated concrete  peace in places like Syria where too much blood has been spilled; among Israelis and Palestinians; peace in Iraq, Libya and Yemen where people suffer war and brutality of terrorism; Nigeria and other African countries, where fundamentalist terrorism exploits even children in order to perpetrate horror and death.


 He enjoined peace to women, children and men in different parts of the world who have suffered injustices; those who have lost their dear ones to wars, atrocities and disasters in different parts of the world; those who have been abandoned and suffered hunger as well as victims of violence; migrants and refugees as well as those who have suffered economic hardships, social unrest and natural disasters


The Pope concluded: “On this day of joy, we are all called to contemplate the child Jesus who gives hope once again to every person on the face of the earth. By his grace, let us with our voices and our actions give witness to solidarity and peace”. 

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